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Milos or Melos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete. Milos is the southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group. The Venus de Milo and the Asclepius of Milos were both found on the island, as were a Poseidon and an archaic Apollo now in Athens. Milos is a popular tourist destination during the summer. The municipality of Milos also includes the uninhabited offshore islands of Antimilos and Akradies. The combined land area is 160.147 square kilometres (61.833 sq mi)

adamas milos island

Adamantas is the harbor town of Milos island. Highlights include the French cemetery, used in the years of the Crimean war; the 600-year-old church of the Holy Trinity; the Milos Mining Museum; and the Maritime Museum.


Sarakiniko is a beach on Milos Island, Greece, situated on the north shore of the island. Waves driven by north winds shape the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shapes, and the area is often compared to a moonscape. The bone-white beach derives its unusual characteristics from the erosion of the volcanic rock by wind and wave.


sarakiniko beach on milos island in greece

Explore the island at your own pace

Places to visit and things to do in Milos



  • Sarakiniko
  • Tsigrado
  • Kleftiko
  • Firiplaka
  • Paleochori
  • Agia Kiriaki
  • Provatas
  • Gerakas
  • Firopotamos
Greek fishing village klima on milos island


  • Catacombs
  • Ancient theatre
  • Archaeological museum
  • West Milos
  • Klima
  • Plaka
  • Shelter of Adamas
  • Thermal Springs
  • Volcano
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